a place of hope
and a sense of security,
a place people live
and not just exist,
a place pessimism flee
in the face of optimism,
can a home be home
without this comfort?
no wonder they fled
and against all odds
confronted the desert
and its predators,
reaching the
Mediterranean Sea,
yes, the Mediterranean,
they saw the tides
and turbulence,
with an inadequate Vessel
and with human sharks aboard,
they braced and put on
their armour of courage.
as they sailed,
the refugees,
yes from various countries
overwhelmed by the punches
from the Mediterranean sea,
perhaps they screamed,
prayed and cried,
but were not heard
as the echo from their voices
was swallowed by the
strength of the sea,
and could not fill
the vacuum in
the Mediterranean,
the refugees were taken,
vanished in the Mediterranean,
because home was no longer home.

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Onah is a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Calabar,Cross River State,Nigeria. He has over 6 years Banking experience in various aspect of Treasury Operations. He is working towards becoming a qualified financial analyst in the future and enjoys reading, research and writing, especially Finance and Economic related topics. As much as he enjoys writing and reading he also enjoys playing chess, watching movies ,workout and other activities to live a balanced life.


  1. Wow … This is such a succinct representation of what is happening in North Africa.

    Africa must arise and ensure that her citizens thrive in their countries.

    Our youths must also be meant to understand that the journey to Europe through illegal means is dangerous.

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