My name is Uchenna, Uche for short. I was raised a Catholic, and still abide in the faith.

I am single, not that I ever dreamt of becoming a priest as is usually expected of a man from a strict Catholic background. I look forward to having a wife I will cherish, honor and love and we would raise a wonderful family together with children preferably twins, a boy and a girl. This is my dream.

I had a good family experience growing up, brought up with high moral standards and family values. The importance of being there for loved ones, the significance of sacrifice and the beauty of kindness, embracing contentment, all these were important values inculcated into me from my early years.

I grew up isolated, completely of my own volition. This affected my relationship with my peer groups in teenage years, especially with the other sex but I had few male friends.

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Onah is a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Calabar,Cross River State,Nigeria. He has over 6 years Banking experience in various aspect of Treasury Operations. He is working towards becoming a qualified financial analyst in the future and enjoys reading, research and writing, especially Finance and Economic related topics. As much as he enjoys writing and reading he also enjoys playing chess, watching movies ,workout and other activities to live a balanced life.

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