The act of baiting did not begin today. It is as old as time itself. Humans and animals alike use this tool as a means for survival, but when it comes to a man and woman, it is as complex as unravelling the secret of a woman’s heart.

Kunle is an exception, he makes the act of baiting the other sex so simple. He is smooth, fluid and tactful. A master in the act and as such has lured several women, irrespective of their shapes and sizes, classy or simple, religious or atheist, into his web of seduction.

He prefers older women, and sometimes single mothers; he believes they are more mature and make better lovers than young single women without kids. In his words,” they are like old wine; the older they are, the better they taste”.

Kunle is the technical assistant to Chief Daniels, a business mogul with vast assets in the real estate and oil sectors. He is also a business partner with Ms. Ifedayo, a 58 years old lady from a family of affluence. She got married at 25 years of age and divorced her husband at the young age of 29. The marriage, however brief, produced two beautiful daughters, Bunmi and Layo.

Her daughters schooled in the United States under the watchful eyes of their uncle. This gave Ifedayo the leverage and freedom to live the way she wanted, free as a bird, with a wolf like passion seeking someone to unleash her desires.

She kept her affairs and family life private, and her daughters fully isolated. Layo now 27, got married to a Nigerian based in the U.S, while Bunmi returned to Nigeria and started her own business.  Bunmi kept her family’s status in the shadow and made sure her achievements were never linked to her family in anyway. Also, she doesn’t have a strong bond with her mother because of the separation while growing up.

Kunle looked forward to Mondays after a weekend of fun with at least one beautiful woman to warm his bed. He always felt rejuvenated and ready to face the new week with excitement and it was on one of such Mondays he was asked by his boss to follow through on a business deal with Ms. Ifedayo, creating the opportunity for a meeting that would end up setting the stage for the unexpected.

He drove down to her palatial office premises and after been checked by the security and ushered into her inner office, he was introduced to this amiable lady of whom he had heard so much successful stories about.

On meeting her, playfully devious in his ways, he assessed her, though older with about 23 years, but she was a perfect fit for his schemes, his type of prey. Wealthy, older, a single parent and beautifully attractive, he made up his mind to have a relationship with her, but first he must bait her. But how do you lure a woman that has it all? He asked himself.

His answer came in their subsequent meetings, she was very conscious of herself,

her beauty conspicuous and contagious, craving attention and needing someone

to unveil her emotions. But he had to move fast from acquaintance to friendship, only then would he be able to feed her soul with what she desires.

Kunle ensured he made his presence dominant whenever she was around just to

be noticed. It worked. She called for his assistance to prepare a feasibility report

on a project as her personal assistant had resigned suddenly over unforeseen circumstances, to which he gladly obliged. Her company was awarded the contract and she felt it was necessary to appreciate Kunle for his support and role played in the entire process by taking him out on a dinner. While at the dinner, Kunle said,

“Sometimes I wonder” out of curiosity she asked, “about what?”.

Kunle went for the jugular with his response,

“I have been privileged to know you for some time, and it is not when I see you

that matters, but my thoughts when am alone. It took a while but I have come to

realize you are the strand of my imagination, a gift, a beautiful flower you are,

you bloom and blossom each time and your beauty never withers”.

She was enthralled, her Achilles heel felt the rush of adrenalin and her heart

shuddered like a leaf before the wind. In confusion, she smiled and thanked him for the compliment. He responded with a smile but deep in his heart, he knew a bait had been planted, the stage set and all he needed to do was to water and nurture it until she succumbed and became at the mercy of his seduction.

He didn’t send a regular gift to her on her birthday, but words. He said to the woman who had it all,

“It’s overwhelmingly eluding the thoughts of selecting a gift to present to you on your special day. While I drown in this impossibility, I offer a few words of appreciation; if I could describe your beauty I would, but allowing myself to get tempted into using words not befitting of a goddess would be unworthy, so I have chosen silence to honour you. Happy Birthday Ifedayo”.

He did not attend her birthday party as she eagerly hoped for, it was a deliberate part of his ploy to expand the ripples of already stirred passionate desires in her. She was on the lookout, her heart skipped, raced and protested with every guest that came into the venue. She was disappointed he didn’t attend, tried to make light of it to assuage the hurt in her heart but those words of his were beautiful, and she replayed them like endless songs in her heart with each breathe she took.

He paid a courtesy visit and apologized for not honouring her invitation, and hoped the damage was not irreparable. The least he could do was to request for the privilege of taking her out on a special dinner, which he did and she accepted after a heartbeat’s moment of hesitation, as her soul had already been captured by this Adonis, with overpowering and mesmerising words that had swept her off her solid feet.

He was calculative, articulate and had his moves on her plotted on the graph of his devious mind, for she was unknowingly following what he had preordained. The combination of an excellent meal, exquisite drink and a variety of emotions made the dinner perfect. A little tipsy but within the limit of safe drinking and with the right flow of words from Kunle, she found herself in his room.

Wow!! This one is a beast in bed, thought Kunle. Her passion fuelled his desires, she swayed him with her fire, aroused his savagery instinct with her deep and lustful kisses, her passionate feel of his skin, with her long nails piercing his calves and back. She pushed him to ecstatic edges of animalistic desire and ascending climax. He had no other option than to ravage and ravish her with no holds barred, the degree of her want, her need for the deep penetration of all that he wields drove him crazy as his strokes increased in synonym with her increasing yearning, the orgasm was mind blowing! He hadn’t had it like this in a while. Ifedayo was something else! He knew then that he was hooked on this amazon of a woman, this sexual goddess. Their sexuality was intense and a match, but his motive far from sincere.

The next day at work, seated in her office smiling alone, Ifedayo’s thoughts were clouded by the previous night’s events. She couldn’t hold back and she sent him a message,

“You were swift and I didn’t have a chance, caught in your infectious flame,

burning hotter as it moves like hurricane consuming the whole of me, you are a

hunter I never knew existed”.

Kunle in his usual manner responded,

“You are a spell cast upon me, a love portion given to my soul, without you I am

just a shallow water with no depth”.

From that moment on, the relationship accelerated to unprecedented levels. They

had passionate sex everywhere and at a glimpse of every opportunity. Her vulnerability and constant want for him sank her deeper into his schemes. She became more committed, not knowing she was a pawn on his chess board, a conquered prey and a feather to his cap as the king of seduction.

Some months later, Ifedayo travelled to Abuja to resolve some business issues that were becoming too challenging for her staff to handle. And though sad she was, because she missed Kunle and would likely be staying for a few months to

see to the resolution of the challenge, she excitedly looked forward to seeing him.

It was during this period while Ifedayo was away, Kunle met with the managing director of Bumak Decorations, Miss Annette, to discuss on interior ideas for his new home which he recently moved into. Bumak came highly recommended and after his investigation, an agreement was reached. It was an exceedingly beautiful finish.

In awe of the excellent delivery of the interior company, Kunle made a comment in passing when Annette briefly paid him a visit at his office to find out if he loved their work:

“If the owner is a rose flower, then what do you expect of her products”.

She laughed and thanked him for the compliment, but he insisted he was going to

take her out as a way of appreciating the splendid job. She declined stating that she only did her job which was paid for. They went ahead to have a light conversation about other future business dealings as he walked with her to the car park, while also watching her every stride. She was beautiful, simple, elegant, calm and professional. But aside from all these wonderful qualities, somehow, he knew she was special and that this meeting wasn’t going to be their last.

A week had gone by since Kunle’s request was declined by Annette, the beautiful MD of Bumak Decorations. He hadn’t been able to get her off his mind ever since and he had to speak with her soon before he lost his cool so he sent her a message on WhatsApp,

“Hi Annette, I am sorry for trying to play on your intelligence the other day. I sincerely regret being silky. You left an impression embedded in my soul, yet difficult to explain. For now, I choose not to define how I feel as that may be premature and may result in you setting a limit to what might end up to be so intense. You weave magic in me and please don’t think am fantasizing, I just can’t cast you from my thoughts, I would appreciate if you would give me the privilege for a lunch date tomorrow. Please pick the time and place”.

He waited for her response for a time that felt like eternity. Just as he was about to give up and conclude that he had been ignored, his phone vibrated a little close to midnight. It was her response:

“Wow. Tomorrow at 2pm, the Bliss”.

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Onah is a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Calabar,Cross River State,Nigeria. He has over 6 years Banking experience in various aspect of Treasury Operations. He is working towards becoming a qualified financial analyst in the future and enjoys reading, research and writing, especially Finance and Economic related topics. As much as he enjoys writing and reading he also enjoys playing chess, watching movies ,workout and other activities to live a balanced life.

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