Kunle’s excitement and joy knew no bounds as he was actually expecting a decline or completely been ignored. If one could be named a goddess for the sake of beauty, she would have been one. But then, she would have possessed the power to see the future and the need to stay away from him.

The next day, Kunle went about his work with dexterity and speed, anxiously counting the minutes and hours to 2pm and when the clock struck 1:30pm, he quickly rounded up his duties, and speedily drove to the Bliss Restaurant where they planned to meet. He intended to get there before her so he could have the satisfaction of watching her work into the classy restaurant, swaying her curvy hips, with her angelic smile and dazzling beauty. He knew something was happening to him with this woman but he couldn’t place his finger on it because he was a stranger to love in its most passionate and purest form. All he could understand was that this one was special and he would do everything possible to find out why.

At 2pm exactly, Annette walked elegantly into the restaurant towards him. Eyes caressed her with each step, she was a distraction no one could avoid. Kunle was impressed, she was a woman that kept to time, another good quality he valued. They hugged in greeting, ordered their meals and began an easy flowing conversation about everything and nothing while eating and having drinks. After a while, they became light headed and began to exchange little touches, a light tap here and a soft caress on the thumb there. It was a time well spent and Kunle couldn’t hide his excitement. Annette intended to conceal her emotions, but her eyes like a mirror betrayed her, reflecting all she intended to bury underneath her beauty.

They began having regular dates, dinners and lunches, but for the first time, Kunle did not feel the urge to conquer her in bed. Rather, he wanted to know her, really understand who she was, he wanted to love her, protect her and be there for her. This was a new feeling. Their relationship did not escalate based on passion, but grew organically on a solid foundation as they saw more often, gathered momentum each day and steadily toward the trajectory of intimacy. They began to desire each other.

This had all happened swiftly in the space of three months. Back in Abuja, Ifedayo ended up staying over more than she anticipated, she missed Kunle so much and flooded him with calls and messages which he reciprocated a few times. She sent a message to express how deep she missed him,

“Your absence is the storm that wrecks me to pieces, the pieces my heart now is,

I will for now remain stiches of these pieces, till your presence makes me whole again”.

She was bothered he didn’t respond to her messages as quickly and often as he used to. On one of their few phone conversations, she expressed her discomfort at his reluctance in responding to her messages, he apologized noting that it was due to pressure from work. His excuse was far from the truth, as he was already in love with Annette, but had realized that he was still hooked to the sexual prowess of Ifedayo as his body still secretly yearned for her gripping passionate touch, a dilemma and a remedy for disaster if he failed to embrace restraint.

Weekend was here, ‘Thank God it’s Friday’, a common statement on the lips of all workers at the close of work on Fridays. While other staff were excitedly telling stories and making plans for a fun-filled Friday evening and the weekend as a whole, Kunle happily drove home to relax with a nice bottle of wine, ordered pizza while watching Super Sports on his DSTV Explorer, for his days of prowling the city on weekends looking for cheap girls or serenading his older lovers were long gone. All he looked forward to were long hours on the phone with Annette or quiet moments spent on his couch whispering sweet words and promises into her ears, lightly running his hands all over her body as she trembled with desire. He was in no rush to have her body, for winning her heart was more important to him.

On Saturday morning, after returning from the gym, a shower and a light breakfast, Kunle was about to relax in front of the TV when his doorbell rang. He ran to the door and upon opening, received a pleasant surprise! What was Annette thinking? She stood in front of Kunle looking fresh faced, casually dressed in a short sexy flowered gown which accentuated her beautiful skin, exposing her long smooth legs and her nails freshly painted. She looked so beautiful and Kunle’s heart rate picked up and other parts of his body also leaped for joy! She hadn’t called to inform him she was coming over, but Kunle guessed it was a nonverbal communication between them, an offer he was willing to accept.

They hugged affectionately with a kiss on the lips which lingered longer than usual. Kunle was glad she came and he knew she felt the same way because he felt her tremble in his arms. Their tongues became tangled, lips locked in union, in a single touch, skin on skin, flood of emotions and burning desires awaiting to be satisfied came alive, every move he made was deliberate, but she was innocent and her purity was revealed not by her beauty but in bed, she trembled as his dexterity overwhelmed her, the crack and anticipated penetration called for a scream, known to be devious, but with her his poetic soul and tenderness prevailed and made the difference, she knew pleasure but not like this, it was a night full of magic.

What Annette and Kunle have is now a bond. Sitting alone and reminiscing about

the beautiful moments of the previous night, she literally in a deep thought about

him, subconsciously reached for her phone and dialled his number. She needed to hear his voice. The voice on the other side was exactly what she needed for tranquillity, she told him she needed to make a confession:

“Kunle, Initially I doubted you without ceasing, since I couldn’t validate your feelings, in a world where everyone is saint but wears contrary garment, how else

could I have been assured of your sincerity without your soul melting in passion

into mine. I love you”.

Kunle was speechless, took a few seconds to articulated his thought and said,

“I do not deserve you Annette. You are a gift, a daily drip of honey in my heart

and liberator with a tender touch sent by the god of affection to deliver me from

my old ways. The emotions you create in me is a tidal wave, It’s worth more than

a million words”.

Four months now, while Kunle and Annete continued their blossoming peaceful and passionate relationship, Ifedayo returned from her business trip and was glad to be back. She called Kunle and asked if they could see. Not to arouse suspicion about his relationship with Annette, he accepted. He got to her place and they had a long discussion that ended up getting intimate. She was the definition of insatiable, a storm he was always willing to embrace, a wind his desires sought to ride, putting pressure on the right places, she was simply a wild rose that grew among thorns with no petals. Instead of withdrawing, he indulged in her wildness and passionate drive, hoping it would not cost him the love he holds dear.

Kunle and Annette agreed to get married after five months of dating, so it became necessary for him to meet her parents before proceeding. Annette whose middle name is Oluwabunmi and surname Cole was a product of an early divorce. She lost her dad in her teenage years while schooling in the U.S and has done very well since she returned to Nigeria. Saturday was selected and she sent the address to Kunle. When Kunle got the text stating the address, he froze. A silent voice within him said, I know this place and another, is Ifedayo her mother?

He felt nauseous from the anxiety and had goose bumps all over his body. Sweating profusely, he sat down feeling his world crumbling with no remedy in

sight. Annette is very intelligent and an attempt to probe might give a hint that something was wrong, so he decided not to, but a creeping feeling of someone destined for execution hunted him as Saturday approached.

Saturday came and she got to his place early as they were going with his car because she had noted that her mother appreciated punctuality. Kunle was calm and reserved, very unusual and Annette became worried because she had expected him to be nervously excited but she noticed a different attitude from Kunle. She asked why he was cold and looked lost in thoughts, but he assured her everything was okay. As he drove, he hoped all this was a mix up and would be resolved one way or another. As he navigated the car slowly to a stop, the voice again in his head spoke up again, is this not Ifedayo’s house? His legs almost caved from unpleasant emotions that tormented him with terror making him cringe and flinch as they approached the front door.

The door opened, and standing before Kunle and Annette was Ifedayo, his soon to be mother in law. Ifedayo’s jaws dropped in shock and a sick feeling ran through her body as all the anticipation and excitement of meeting her future son in law became an instant night mare. Ifedayo, standing before her daughter Annette and Kunle almost passed out struggling with a smile and a welcome. For Kunle, a terrain he had visited a couple of times filled with electrifying passion, now felt out of place and became docile. Annette, unaware of the heat in the atmosphere, concluded they were adjusting to each other.

Ifedayo managed to converse and asked him questions as if they just met for the first time. With reality staring at both of them with nowhere to hide, eating and drinking became sour and uncomfortable. They tried to sway and shield Annette from getting suspicious.

After about two hours spent in a tensed conversation, Kunle begged to take his leave as he had other pressing issues to attend to.  After Kunle left, Ifedayo asked her daughter if she was sure about Kunle and if she had even taken her time to get to know all about him. Annette answered in the affirmative with so much love and emotions glowing in her eyes as she talked about Kunle. Ifedayo became sad and there was a stronger feeling lurking at the corner of her heart. Of course, she was jealous! How could she allow Annette have her man? The only man that had been able to quench her strange and insatiable sexual desires. She wasn’t even prepared to think about letting him go for Annette. She could share but couldn’t bear the thought of never having Kunle in her arms again. So, she told Annette that she was going to take her time as she was not going to give her blessing to a hasty marriage decision, a man Annette had known for barely six months.

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