Annette didn’t bother convincing her mother, she concluded that she was going to make out time to get her mother to see reasons with them. Not knowing things were not what they seemed to be.

The next day, Ifedayo called Kunle, asking him to terminate the relationship, that she was not going to allow them to go through with their wedding plans. He attempted to convince her, but to no avail and she was not willing to change her mind. She ended the call very angry and bitter at Kunle. Why Annette? Of all the girls he had around him, why her beloved daughter? But she wasn’t ready to give in to their wishes. She made up her mind to allow them have their way eventually but with conditions. She would hold her ground for a while with the hope that their relationship would suffer and finally crash so she could have Kunle all to herself.

Annette, ignorant of the real issue tried severally to get her mum to accept her decision, but met a brick wall each time. For the first time, Kunle had no plan and solution. He couldn’t seduce the situation to his will and things were gradually falling apart between Ifedayo and Annette. He didn’t want that to happen because he felt guilty. His repeated efforts to discuss with Ifedayo for a solution was fruitless. She was unyielding, until she surprisingly sent a message”,

“Meet me at The Abode, suite 304, at 5 pm”.

Kunle knew it was dangerous, like walking into the lion’s den, but it was a window of opportunity he wouldn’t allow get closed without committing to resolving the calamity on ground. Kunle knocked on suite 304’s door at exactly 5pm. Ifedayo opened the door and ushered him in. After a strained exchange of pleasantries, Ifedayo began talking about how she felt for him. Kunle was shocked at the turn of the conversation as she had left what he felt was important and started talking about them, and how much she loved and cared about him.

Gradually, she undressed for she knew her passion was like a drug, an opium Kunle was obsessed with and couldn’t resist. They made love like there was no yesterday, no tomorrow, just now. It was exceptional as always. As she lay with her head on his chest, she said she would allow Kunle marry her daughter Annette on one condition. Kunle eagerly said anything. Anything? She asked. She said their affair must continue and be sustained. Kunle speechless, but in the silence of his heart and conscience, he knew this woman had no limit to what she could do. He couldn’t make such a decision on the spot and requested to think about it. She agreed, but insisted to get his response before the end of the next day.

In the past, before his heart tasted the sweetness of love, when he was brutal, insensitive and a woman’s heart was just a game to him. He would have told Annette the whole truth or ended the relationship and set himself free from this night mare. But meeting Annette changed his tripartite of soul, heart and mind. Even if he wanted to end it, his heart would not accept because it wasn’t ready to go into the greatest battle, the one that raged within. Kunle decided to choose the lesser evil. Accept the proposal of Ifedayo while keeping his relationship with Annette and eventually getting married. Then focus his energy on ending the sacrilege before time revealed it. He thought this approach of a step at a time was the most efficient and the way to dealing with the potential crisis. But fate had other plans in store for Olakunle.

Kunle and Annette made their wedding simple and private. Ifedayo and her friends graced the occasion. It looked perfect and flawless, but Kunle and his mother in law knew better. The wedding was a celebration of love, as well as a

confirmation of a sacrilege and abomination between Kunle and his wife’s mother. Ifedayo called it her love adventure, Kunle called it sin, yet he continued to indulge when he should have withdrawn, she enticed him with deadly passion when she should quench it, the pleasure and utility from such contempt led them on a path of stigma.

Annette was a perfect wife; she balanced her profession and the role of a wife flawlessly. Apart from the dark secret, the less than two years marriage was doing well and she was happy to be married to the love of her life, Kunle. Ifedayo and Kunle travelled sometimes under the guise of assisting his mother in law in her business deals. Annette could not have imagined her husband having an affair with her mother. But they became complacent and their degree of laxity knew no bound. Kunle forgot his plan of ending the affair after achieving his aim of getting married to Annette. They made passionate love on his and Annette’s matrimonial bed and on their sitting room couch on few occasions.

Annette, now four months pregnant, constantly uncomfortable and stressed, decided to reschedule her meeting and left the office for home thinking she would be bored as Kunle was supposed to have gone for a meeting and won’t be back till late in the evening. She inserted her key, but couldn’t gain access as there was another key. She pushed the door and it opened motionlessly with no sound. She moved carefully, afraid someone with a criminal intent was in there on a mission.

But behold, a man and woman were on their couch carried away by pleasure without noticing she was standing by the door, watching what was like a scene from an erotic movie. She screamed, Kunle! In reflex, they both turned in her

direction. It was her mother Ifedayo and her husband. Shaking and trembling in shock, blood ran straight to her head, and in a dizzy wave she fell back to the ground and fainted.

Annette was revived at the hospital. Her mother couldn’t dare to stay, but Kunle

braced up and was by her side. She could barely speak, so she literally muttered,

“Kunle why?” and started crying again. He tried to calm her by saying he was sorry but struggled with the words. He felt so bad that he couldn’t take her pain away.

After two days, she was discharged from the hospital. On getting home, she packed most of her stuff and moved into a rented apartment which she had found online and paid for with mobile bank transfer while she was still at the hospital. She couldn’t tell her other family members, her sister inclusive, why she moved out. Her mother made several efforts to reach her but she declined giving her audience. In moments of solitude, she thought about what to tell her child in the future if she divorced her husband and exiled her mother from her life. Would she say she divorced and had no relationship with her mother because her child’s father and grandmother had an affair while they were married? Her child would be scarred for life with such information, so she shoved it aside, their marital vows staring her in the face revealing all the implications she never thought deeply about. Whatever decision she takes now would either make her family whole again or marred for life. Is this what is meant by the woman is the pillar and determines whether her home falls or remain standing? Was there really need to escalate things further when the parties involved are already paying for their abominable acts? This indeed was a cross she never wished for but hoped that wisdom would guide her decisions.

Kunle after making series of effort to meet, chat or have a phone conversation with Annette with no success, and paying direly for his deeds, emotional torture accompanying his every move, sent this prayer:

“We are paying severely for our obscenity. Our shame concealed in the dark, but

exposed by light. How can I find succour when my heart is empty, soul wandering, drifting and filled with shame? Please grace us with your benevolence and relinquish our peace in your grasp with those words so simple yet precious and powerful. I pray the wisdom that is beyond the realm of the mortal prevails”.

Two weeks after Kunle’s message, she called that she would be moving back to

the house the next weekend. Kunle became excited but was scared and wondered how he was going to face her. She moved in as promised and after a stiff hug and greeting, they sat down to talk. She told Kunle she had consulted with her pastor who encouraged her to take this path for her peace, home and family. She requested they visit a therapist and hopefully see how it goes. But for her mother, she does not wish to communicate with her for now until they completed their therapy.

The therapy and counselling sessions were a great success and the family grew stronger and love blossomed. Kunle abandoned his philandering ways and strictly ended his affair with Ifedayo, pledging his commitment and faithfulness to his wife and family. Annette now serves as a relationship counsellor in her church, advising and encouraging women having issues in their marriages on how to keep the boat from rocking. It was not easy, but she eventually took the step to mend bridges with her mother by sending her hearty birthday wishes on her 60th birthday celebration.

However small, a ray of light in a dark tunnel is better than total darkness. Ifedayo cried with tears of joy as she read her daughter’s birthday wishes to her.

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